Horsepower Challenge in WSJ’s MarketWatch

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An article in today’s MarketWatch outlines the growing importance of interactive games for health – mentioning dance games, the Wii Fit, and our very own Horsepower Challenge for Humana:

“Video games aren’t just for kids and couch potatoes anymore. They’re increasingly being used to motivate people of all ages to move their bodies and manage their chronic health conditions more effectively. …

The Horsepower Challenge gives each student a pedometer, which tracks their movement and sends wireless updates to the Web site. Students also receive animated horses that represent them online, where they can see their progress. Teams of school systems compete against each other, and kids who accumulate activity earn rewards they can use to accessorize their horses.

“Our mission is basically to help people play their way to better health,” Darst said. “We want to make it fun for people to get healthy.”

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