Tellart @Hasbro Inspiration Day 2009


We thought we’d share some pictures from last Thursday, when Tellart popped over to Hasbro HQ in Pawtucket, RI to participate in their 2009 Inspiration Day.  This was a great afternoon of eating, meeting & greeting with folks from creative industries across New England, all set to the tune of some interesting live performances and speakers.  It is designed as a fun, science-fair-like event that lets Hasbro and others explore new technologies and inspire innovative thinking.

We were there displaying our delicious augmented reality cookies, AR memory game, a control-things-with-your-phone NADAmobile demo, and movies of the things that were too big (or too virtual) to bring in person.

IMG_7667Setting up the NADAmobile demo in our office ahead of time – all of these appliances are soon to become WiFi-enabled and iPhone-controlled.

IMG_7677Getting used appliances to match your brand can get messy.

IMG_7671The heart of it all: an Arduino Diecimila running NADAmobile.

IMG_0645A screenshot of the NADAmobile sketch we set up.  A simple push turns on the lamp.

IMG_0646And a nice shake turns the clock radio on and off.

IMG_0649My personal favorite – a quick burst of air aimed at the device’s microphone creates some wind onscreen and in real life (this one activates the fan).

IMG_0650How about creating some iPhone juice?  You can squeeze it as hard as you can, but in case that doesn’t work, there’s a backup – it activates the blender.  Not that we’re implying anything.

IMG_0651And in case all of that gets messy, we thought we’d allow attendees the chance to clean up by pretending the phone is a vacuum – thereby waking up our new fuchsia Dirt Devil.

IMG_7686-copyOnce we got to the fair, it was a challenge to configure our booth…

IMG_7715-copy…and we ended up getting ourselves in trouble for pointing our fan at the huge card tower adjacent to us.  Whoops.

IMG_7691Our delicious AR cookie setup.

IMG_7692We had to provide a warning not to eat them (we don’t blame you, attendees).

IMG_7708The Augmented Reality memory game was a hit

IMG_7697Nick explains NADAmobile to interested attendees over the sound of the fan, vacuum, mixer, and radio.  Luckily the lamp was pretty quiet.

IMG_7703The day’s attendees came in all shapes and sizes.

And here are the videos we had playing in the background – check them out for more augmented reality, hacked appliances, and tech installation goodness!

Thanks to Hasbro for having us!  We had a great time and can’t wait to come back next year!