Real Good Chair Seeks Real Good Home


One of our favorite projects has officially launched this week:  the Blu Dot Real Good Experiment.

Blu Dot and Mono, a branding consultancy in Minneapolis, approached us and Supermarche to help with a project to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their showroom in SoHo, NYC.  They would do an experiment on “curb mining.”  25 Real Good Chairs would be placed around New York City.  10 of them would contain concealed GPS tracking technology.  Each would be picked up by a random passerby, who in turn would be pursued on foot and on an interactive online map – all the while being filmed for a documentary to premiere at the anniversary celebration.

Well, who are we to turn down a design-related and secret-agent-like challenge?  We created a website and outfitted 10 chairs with GPS tracking technology, cleverly concealed beneath the seat (along with a notice to defuse potential suspicion regarding concealed electronics).  As each chair was taken by a pedestrian, its journey was tracked live on the website and via hot pursuit – all the while being filmed, stakeout-style, for the documentary.  Chair-taker interviews will be happening this weekend.

Topping things off, this project has been receiving a lot of really good press in the last couple of days.  Yes!  We had a blast working with Blu Dot, Mono and Supermarche and can’t wait to see the film!