Real Good Experiment in the NYTimes


Rob Walker wrote an excellent article for the New York Times Magazine about the Real Good Experiment, which we designed technology for.  Excerpt below; read the whole piece here.

The product: Blu Dot’s Real Good chair, a slim metal seat that comes in several colors and normally costs $129. Twenty-five were placed on sidewalks. They stood out visually, and about half of them came with something extra: a hidden global-positioning-system device. This allowed the object’s movement to be tracked and its new owner located and, ideally, interviewed for a video that will be shown in Blu Dot’s SoHo store on Dec. 14, marking its one-year anniversary in New York.

John Christakos, one of Blu Dot’s founders, liked the sound of all this when Mono, a marketing agency, suggested the scheme. “We thought it was cool,” he says. “To me, it felt almost like a performance piece.”