IXDA Interaction10 in Savannah


Last week was the sold-out Interaction10 conference in Savannah, where Matt presented his project Wooden Logic:  In Search of Heirloom Electronics:

For centuries artisans have had the ability to sketch with wood and hand tools to craft high-quality, precious objects. With digital technology the functionality of objects became less tangible and visible, and their making fell almost exclusively to engineers and computer scientists. It is only in the past decade or so that the community and tools have evolved to the point that designers can sketch with hardware and software. This project seeks to combine seemingly dissonant elements, natural, material and virtual, and explore how they can be crafted to feel as if they were born together as parts of a unified object anatomy that is both singular and precious.

The talk has received some great attention online, from diverse places such as MAKE:blog (who did a great synopsis):

matt cottam on MAKE

to Fast Company:

matt cottam on fast company

Thanks for the mentions!

Matt Cottam-Wooden Logic: In Search of Heirloom Electronics from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.