Tellart at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin

A roadtrip caravan transporting a Fab lab from Amsterdam to Berlin, a panel discussion, a workshop, a talk, and lots of making…

Early Wednesday morning Matt met up with Bas van Abel (Waag Society), Mike Pelletier (Waag Society Fab Lab) and Gianfranco Chicco (PICNIC) for the six hour drive from Amsterdam to Berlin. The night before, other Waag Society teammates drove a truck filled with the entire Waag Fab Lab to the now defunct Templehof Airport in Berlin. By early Thursday morning the Maker Lab area of the festival was a hive of activity.

Event website:

The annual DMY Festival exhibits the work of more than 400 designers and is extended by over 40 satellite events around Berlin. This year the event hosted an international group of designer-hackers who brought in a factory’s worth of machinery to set up a Maker Lab. CNC milling, laser cutting, thermal forming, bioplastic molding, physical computing with Arduino, custom circuit board design and etching with Fritzing, RepRap and MakerBot 3-d printing, stop-motion animation and just about every other means of prototyping was in house. Matt was one of a team of volunteer experts that worked with the visiting public to rapidly design and build (or Fab(ricate)) their product ideas on the spot.

On Friday morning Matt ran the Form Workshop in the lab where participants hacked existing clothing (i.e. Tellart’s pet project involving the use of a laser cutter to turn flip flops into stamps by cutting patterns in their soles), and made custom fashions of their own design.

Friday afternoon was the Open Design Panel Discussion where Matt and a group of other Open Design thought leaders shared ideas on the emerging methodology and on Saturday Matt gave a talk in the Symposium event.

On Sunday Matt was an invited participant in a collaborative Unlimited Design (open design) book writing session. The group will publish the first Open Design manifesto for announcement at PICNIC in Amsterdam this September.

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Maker Lab

(Un)limited Design Book Workshop