Matt Runs Workshop at International Fab Lab Conference

The 6th International Fab Lab Conference was held from August 15-20 in the Netherlands. Tellart’s Matt Cottam, along with the Waag Society’s Bas van Abel, ran a daylong workshop around the [UN]LIMITED Design Contest. The competition is sponsored by Etsy.comThe Waag SocietyPremslea and Creative Commons, and aims to promote Open Design (Open Source product design). The workshop encouraged participants to deconstruct and re-imagine Open Designs from last year’s competition, develop new derivative designs, and prototype them in the Waag Society’s Fab Lab in one day. Matt will also be a juror for the competition at the PICNIC conference in Amsterdam this September. Also at PICNIC, Matt will give an O’Reilly Ignite talk as well as a talk in Adam Greenfield’s session on Urban Lenses.