YouTube Symphony Orchestra AR Experiment Launches


We are proud to announce the launch of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra AR Experiment! This is Tellart’s addition to Google’s already excellent YouTube Symphony Orchestra, a project dedicated to gathering musicians from around the world for a monumental orchestral performance — something only Google’s technology and reach could do.

Google came to Tellart in search of something to augment the YTSO online experience; they were looking for an online musical instrument that could be enjoyable for non-musicians, but complex enough to engage more advanced users.

Between work on our earlier musical holiday card and our ongoing interests in physical/digital play, we had just the right background and team to jump in and create (a few digital music gurus in-house didn’t hurt, either). As it’s reaching a global audience (the site is translatable into 21 languages), we tried to make it as accessible and intuitive as possible.

It is built with open-source tools alongside Tellart’s contributions (see the site for more details) — we hope you enjoy!