Tellart Works with Artist Dave Cole on Telegraph Machine

We recently had the privilege to collaborate with Providence artist Dave Cole on a piece for his recent show at the Dodge Gallery in New York City. After hearing Dave’s plans to create an antique, morse-code generating machine that would continuously tap (and blink) the Pledge of Allegiance, Adam volunteered to give him a hand with implementation.

They found a few parts online that would help bring Dave’s idea to fruition, and used this online morse code translator to translate the Pledge of Allegiance into morse code.  The dots and dashes became individual functions in the Arduino code that would control the antique morse code machine. The final machine — made up of a transistor, a solenoid, a lamp switch, and the antique parts and lightbulb — was then able to repeatedly tap the message, and blink the light on and off with every “beep”.

The work, titled Vox(Pledge of Allegiance) was on view at the Dodge Gallery from October 2 to November 7, 2010.

IMAGE: Dave Cole, Vox (Pledge of Allegiance), 2010, mixed media with vintage telegraph station, incandescent light bulb, and morse code transmission (Pledge of Allegiance), variable x 21 x 15 inches